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Agni Ignis (Screenshot taken in Ovo's Rustic)

Agni Ignis is a large Colosseum located in the northeastern corner of the map. It can be entered by using the obliterated wall at the South-Eastern section of the coliseum. Agni Ignis is latin for 'fire of Agni'; Agni is the Hindu god of fire.

General Information
Coordinates: (3500, -3500)
Area type: Colosseum
Zombie spawn rate: Unbelievably High - Zombie and Zombie Pigman Spawners
Number of chests: 33
Lootable graves None
Number of buildings: 32
Risk of Bandits Low to Medium

[edit] Resources

Water bottle.png Water refill
Crafting table.png Crafting table
Farm.png Farm X
Brewing stand.png Brewing stand X
Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common chests X
Healing pot.png Hospital chests 3
Melon Slice.png Store chests X
Button.png Tool chests X
Military Loot
C chest.png Common chests X
Iron sword.png Uncommon chests X
Ender Pearl.png Rare chests 5
Gunpowder.png Epic chests 25

[edit] Loot Chests

  • Outer Ring
    • 5 Mil_rare chests
  • Middle Ring
    • 25 Mil_epic
    • 3 Civ_hospital

[edit] Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Stay away from the small pipes you can enter/exit the place with, the sandstone designs on the walls, the staircases that are not bridges, the outer ring, the center circle. Then you should not be near spawners.
  • You should stock up on food before coming here, as there is a dense jungle surrounding it and no food spawns besides rotten flesh and golden apples from the civ_hospital chests. Which makes Pileus a must on the way there.
  • Along with the houses, there's one Nether-themed house that requires a button to enter. It's not recommended, since it contains a civ_hospital loot like two other non-button houses.
  • Agni Ignis is the largest and one of the most dangerous above ground structures in the MineZ world.
  • It is recommended to bring 4-5+ well stocked friends with you, or you have a good chance of being overrun.
  • The Simoon's Song Dungeon is nearby.
  • If have bought a grapple, it is highly recommended that you use the grappling hook to get onto a roof to escape the zombies.
  • You can farm 5k here due to the high amount of zombie spawners, still be aware about the Zombie pigmen.
  • It is now much harder to farm 5K here since the Zombie pigmen no longer spawn baby zombies and now spawn baby zombie pigmen.
  • There is a building labelled "Magic Shop". Attempting to enter will shoot a random, being harming, poison, or slowness potion at you and spawn a zombie to attack you.
  • There are many smite swords at Agni Ignis. Instead of repairing your non-enchanted iron one, use the Smite III or II to kill the zombies.
  • Bandits are rare but do come at times, but when they do, be prepared, they are often equipped with high-end equipment and can occasionally be in very large numbers.
  • Camping for too long isn't recommended, the longer you stay, the more zombies and zombie pigmen will spawn.
  • Don't stay or even be near the center of Agni Ignis, since there are 4 zombie pigmen spawners around the structure, unless you want to read the information about the four elements.
  • Don't stay on the outer circle either, it has many zombie pigmen spawners and lower tier loot than the middle ring

[edit] Trivia

  • The Tree Top Shelters are nearby, along with Meteor Crater.
  • Some think that Agni Ignis may be in a quarantine because of the four statues surrounding the coliseum.
  • The Symbols on the Agni Ignis statues are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. There are Elite Dungeons for each of these elements, but only the Fire and Air ones are finished, which are Frostbain Catacombs and Anemos Sanctum, respectively. The two others are Desert Canyon Sanctuary (Earth) and Paluster (Water).
  • In one of the houses, one of the signs which are meant for aesthetics has been labeled "DD".
  • In one of the buildings there is a note left from a survivor mentioning a gift left for you near a head(s).
  • In one building there is a sign that reads "The vault has been moved somewhere dark and meaty". It is thought that this is about the Simoon's Song Dungeon.
  • The elemental towers in the middle of the stadium have signs that read: "Fire Granted Power", "Fire Brought Destruction", "Air Granted Freedom", "Air Brought Instability", "Water Granted Life", "Water Brought Death", "Earth Granted Stability" and "Earth Brought Sickness".
  • There is a house with a wooden pressure plate, which once an item is thrown onto it or shot with an arrow will open a piston door revealing a basement with five buttons, mentioned above. Pressing "3" will open a second piston door on the opposite wall of the buttons. In this room there are two more pressure plates, and when items are thrown on these it opens a piston door to no where. The only way out of the room is a sign at the back wall that when clicked teleports you to the middle of Agni Ignis.
  • There is a sign in one of the houses that reminds you the code is "3", referring to the house with the basement.

[edit] Misc Images

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