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Grimdale is among the largest cities in MineZ. The city contains a variety of buildings which offer diverse loot. Grimdale is a common place for freshly spawned players to visit to get low-level armor, food, and other items. However, Grimdale can at times be dangerous due to the fairly large number of players that visit this city and the high spawning rate of zombies.

General Information
Coordinates: (-1750, 370)
Area type: City
Zombie spawn rate: Medium
Number of chests: 47
Lootable graves 4
Number of buildings: 14

[edit] Resources

Water bottle.png Water refill
Crafting table.png Crafting table
Farm.png Farm 3 wheat
Brewing stand.png Brewing stand X
Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common chests 23
Healing pot.png Hospital chests 4
Melon Slice.png Store chests 6
Button.png Tool chests 6
Military Loot
C chest.png Common chests 6
Iron sword.png Uncommon chests 2
Ender Pearl.png Rare chests X
Gunpowder.png Epic chests X

[edit] Loot Chests

  • 8 civ_common chests in the Golden Gables Inn:
    • 1 chest on the first floor east reading room.
    • 1 chest on the first floor west reading room.
    • 1 chest on the second floor east wing.
    • 1 chest on the second floor west wing.
    • 1 chest on the third floor east wing.
    • 1 chest on the third floor west wing.
    • 2 chests on the luxury suite.
      • 1 on the balcony
      • 1 on the second floor of the suite
  • 4 chests in the courthouse:
    • 1 mil_common chest between the archery targets.
    • 3 mil_common chests upstairs.
  • 1 civ_common chest below the gallows.
  • 2 civ_common chests in the tall northern house next to the courthouse.
    • 1 on the second floor
    • 1 on the third floor
  • 2 civ_store chests in the house facing the inn.
  • 2 civ_store chests in the shop.
    • 1 in the small room behind the counter
    • 1 behind the table on the second floor
  • 2 civ_tool chests in the northwestern manor (seems to have highest button spawn %)
  • 1 civ_store chest in the shack next to the blacksmith.
  • 5 chests in the blacksmith.
    • 1 civ_tool on the first floor behind the stairway
    • 1 mil_common on the second floor
    • 2 mil_uncommon in the loft area
  • 1 civ_store chest in the house facing the southern well.
  • 3 chests in the tall house in front of the church.
    • 1 civ_tool on the first* floor.
    • 1 civ_common on the second* floor balcony.
    • 1 civ_tool on the top floor.
  • 6 civ_common chests in the southwestern manor:
    • 1 on the first floor.
    • 3 on the second floor in the rooms.
    • 2 on the third floor.
  • 11 chests in the church:
    • 1 civ_common chest in the main room.
    • 4 civ_hospital chests on second floor.
    • 6 chests in the basement.
      • 4 civ_common
      • 2 mil_common

[edit] Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Many freshly spawned players will go here, making it very dangerous to travel here. The town is almost always populated. With every player, there is always a possibility that they may be hostile, and attempt to kill you.
  • Zombies commonly spawn off trees and the roofs of buildings. As zombies cannot take fall damage, one can jump off a building and attack you without warning.
  • Every building in Grimdale has at least one chest of basic loot. Store chests are abundant in Grimdale, making it a common place for people to stock up on large amounts of food.
  • The church of Grimdale spawns four hospital chests at a time, so camping near it can give you a steady supply of healing potions.
  • The Thieves Guild, accessible via the old Grimdale Sewers needs a button to enter. The entrance is located in a water source, next to a cauldron.
  • Although leather bandit teams are a relatively easy threat to handle,the lack of flexible exits makes this area easily compromised by bandits and can trap people inside the city.
  • The only way to the rooftops is using Weak Grapple, but it is not recommended, as bandits can easily shoot you off from the ground and kill you from the fall damage.
  • If you're in the church, keep watch above you in the main room so that bandits camping for potions can not jump down on you and kill you.

[edit] Trivia

  • It used to be possible to legitimately parkour onto the roofs of Grimdale by jumping from the Gallows block onto the fence, and from there onto the lower roof of the Inn. The builders stopped this by making the fence higher, now the only way up is if you donated for a grapple. (Or 100,000 XP in the XP Shop)
  • Along with many other towns, the houses are marked with people who have donated in MineZ's early history, one notable person being the famous youtuber, Paulsoaresjr.
  • There is a lore block in Grimdale, but has little to add to the Minez story line.
  • Grimdale was the capital of the continent in MineZ.

[edit] History

Grimdale, formally "Vitcleus" (Vit-cle-us) or (Vit-a-clus)was a southern society that was clueless about the outside world and about their general being. Vitcleus was ruled by King Stoj, a fairly clueless king who had no idea of what he was doing besides "helping" Vitcleus "Prosper" and "Grow". With the Somnian Rule and Azar being close by, Vitcleus was always under threat of attack, although the expected attacks never occurred, it was the physiological harm that was dealt. Vitcleus was believed by their inhabitants to be the Central Power, the "Capitol" of Humanity, because of their them being clueless, they had no idea that there were other civilizations around them. It wasn't until one day, a Somnian warship docked itself in the nearby harbor. Somnian troops, being led by Sir Orthus, stormed into Vitcleus and took over. Natives saw this attack as a "gift" and a "present" to them. King Stoj stepped down from king and offered Sir Orthus the leading command, thinking he and the rest of the battalion were gods. Orthus excitedly took on the position and captured Vitcleus, or during that time "Orthdale of the Somnain Rule". Upon the new town being born, General Yawpton was informed by a scholar the Somnia was close to the small town. Outraged, Yawpton trained his best men to take over the Somnain Town, regardless of their numbers or power. General Yawpton's men stormed the town in a surprise attack, dozens among dozens were killed on both sides, bombs of bright colors and deep sounds burst through the air, clashes of swords and whistles from the spears were heard throughout the town. Natives of Vitcleus fled below the streets, believing that "Gods" were waging war on each other. The war lasted 3 bloody years, Somnain Rule and the Otian Empire's rivalry increased from their on out. Yawpton had captured Orthdale and killed any remaining troop survivors. As recorded by Otia, King Otia called this war "The Grim War" since it seemed liked no one had won the battle let alone the whole war. Ever since, Orthusdale was changed to "Grimdale" because of the name of such a terrible war.

[edit] Misc Images

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