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About MineZ

MineZ is a multiplayer zombie survival server for Minecraft inspired by Arma II’s DayZ. The game involves players defending against zombie hordes while gathering resources and exploring a post-apocalyptic world. Anyone with a legal copy of Minecraft can join the servers and experience the thrill of the zombie apocalypse without any change to the Minecraft client.

"You have entered a world where civilization has come to an end. The zombie outbreak has engulfed the continent, and you are one of the lucky few who survived the initial outbreak. Armed with nothing but a wooden sword and an old leather armor set, you begin your journey of survival.."

Today's Featured Article

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Armor is used for protection against death from a horde of zombies or another player by reducing the damage you take. Players just starting will spawn wearing a used leather tunic and must search for other pieces.
Leather armor is very common, and can be found in many town and military chests, while chainmail and iron only spawn in military type chests. Chain is very common in the higher tier military chests while iron is rarer. You won't be finding any diamond or gold armor in any chests in MineZ, although a piece of gold armor may rarely be given as a reward for an event.

Learn more about armor.

News and Announcements

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Upcoming Features
  • More dungeons


Explanation of the unique features and mechanics used in the world of MineZ.

Game features
Giant zombies
Zombie pigmen
Grave robbing
Player tags
Spawn Points
Spawn kit
Player ailments

Popular and Useful Pages

Categorized information about the various loot-containing locations.
Detailed information on the various items obtainable in MineZ and their function.
MineZ history
Been away from the game too long? Find out what you missed.


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