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Stonehenge and the surrounding forest

The Stonehenge is a mid-map area that contains great loot, common iron armor and possibly bandits.A spawner sits right below the chest, so smack it and get out if you don't wanna fight zombies.

General Information
Coordinates: (1540, -800)
Area type: Spiritual Ruins
Zombie spawn rate: Medium (Spawner in the crypt)
Number of chests: 1
Lootable graves None
Number of buildings: 1 (and 8 'stones')
Risk of Bandits Very Low

[edit] Resources

Water bottle.png Water refill X
Crafting table.png Crafting table X
Farm.png Farm X
Brewing stand.png Brewing stand X
Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common chests X
Healing pot.png Hospital chests X
Melon Slice.png Store chests X
Button.png Tool chests X
Military Loot
C chest.png Common chests X
Iron sword.png Uncommon chests X
Ender Pearl.png Rare chests 1
Gunpowder.png Epic chests X

[edit] Loot Chests

  • Crypt
    • 1 mil_rare

[edit] Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • This is not worth the travel, as it only has 1 Mil_Rare chest. It is recommended to loot it and move on straight away.
  • You CAN camp this chest. it seems to be a bit high-tiered consisting of iron helmets. iron boots. chain armor, stone swords, and others.
  • Although this may not be the best loot place, it is definitely worth the view! (Maybe you might prefer somewhere like Evergreen Dam)
  • You can get a MineZ achievement for traveling here and farm zombie kills on the spawner if you have enough food.

[edit] Trivia

  • Here there is a sign that says : "The will...take us all......... -mdsimisn". Creepy right?
  • This location used to have two mil_epic chests, now it only has one mil_rare since 12/14/2012 for balancing issues.
    • Back when there was an epic chest there was a zombie pigmen spawner directly under it. When it was changed to a Mil_rare they replaced the pigmen spawner with a zombie spawner. It sits right under the chest.

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