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Stonehenge and the surrounding forest

The Stonehedge is a mid-map area that contains great loot, common iron armor and possibly bandits.

General Information
Coordinates: (1540, -800)
Area type: Spiritual Ruins
Zombie spawn rate: Medium
Number of chests: 1
Lootable graves None
Number of buildings: 1 (and 8 'stones')
Risk of Bandits Very Low

[edit] Resources

Water bottle.png Water refill X
Crafting table.png Crafting table X
Farm.png Farm X
Brewing stand.png Brewing stand X
Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common chests X
Healing pot.png Hospital chests X
Melon Slice.png Store chests X
Button.png Tool chests X
Military Loot
C chest.png Common chests X
Iron sword.png Uncommon chests X
Ender Pearl.png Rare chests 1
Gunpowder.png Epic chests X

[edit] Loot Chests

  • Crypt
    • 1 mil_rare

[edit] Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • This is not worth the travel, as it only has 1 Mil_Rare chest. It is recommended to loot it and move on straight away.
  • Although this may not be the best loot place, it is definitely worth the view! (Maybe you might prefer somewhere like Evergreen Dam)
  • Here there is a sign that says : "The Darkness will consume us all". Creepy right?
  • This location used to have two mil_epic chests, now it only has one mil_rare since 12/14/2012 for balancing issues.
  • Back when there was an epic chest there was a zombie pigmen spawner directly under it. When it was changed to a Mil_rare they replaced the pigmen spawner with a zombie spawner. It sits right under the chest, so smack it and get out if you don't wanna fight zombies.

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