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[edit] Fan-made Texture Packs

Texture pack name Description Resolution Link Version
MineZ HD Complete Edition by GlexAomes All items are respective and realistic terrain and sound effects. Unspecific But Base is 128x128 going down to 16x16 Link 1.7.4
AestheticZ Darker gameplay to look more like the DayZ, custom visibility bar for MineZ. 16x Link 1.5.1
Captain_Biceps Texture Pack This is a DayZ-like texture pack made to be used on a Mine-Z server. 16x Link 1.5.1
Modern Apocalypse Texture Pack A texture pack created to look similar to the normal minecraft sprites, but also to fit in with a common modern world that MineZ embodies. 16x Link 1.6.2
XxDarkMiragexX Texture Pack Colorful MineZ texture pack with many changes to tools. 32x Link 1.7.2
JMZ1202 Texture Pack Default texture pack with a few tools changed for their purpose in game. 16x Link 1.4.7
Rakqoi Texture Pack Darker texture pack with custom tools and items made for MineZ. 16x Link 1.4.7
MineZ - Vanilla Default texture pack with tools, armor and weapons changed for MineZ that keep the vanilla feel. 16x Link 1.7.2
Grey Battalion Pack V2 A detailed, modern-themed vanilla pack used by the Grey Battalion clan. 16x (Items are 32x and the Bow is 128x) Thread 1.7.4
guy762's MineZ Modern Combat Pack A simple, Vanilla Minecraft-styled resource pack, Inspired by DayZ! 16x Link 1.8
Korea Pack What The Koreas Use 64x Link 1.7

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