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Weapons are items whose primary utility is to inflict damage on entities. All weapons spawn with less than full durability, forcing the player to constantly repair their gear. Repairing an item will essentially combine two identical items and their durability together while adding another 10% durability. This means it is most effective to repair items if their total durability is less than 90%. (Before the 10% bonus.)

When enchanted items are repaired, any enchantments are lost. This requires the player to decide on keeping a few enchanted swords to clear zombies quicker, or to repair them into one longer lasting sword than those combined.

Name Image Damage Durability Total damage output* Notes
Wooden Sword Wooden sword.png Heart.pngHeart.png 60 240 You spawn with a 60 durability wood sword. Found in mil_common chests.
Golden Sword Golden sword.jpg Heart.pngHeart.png 33 132 You can add a gold sword to your spawn kit with shotbow XP. You can also obtain one by winning in an event.
Stone Sword Stone sword.png Heart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png 132 660 These are commonly found in towns along the coast, and are good for starters. Found in mil_uncommon and mil_uncommon chests.
Iron Sword Iron sword.png Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png 251 1506 Sometimes be found with an enchantment in mil_rare, mil_epic, mil_mythic and dungeon_out chests.
Enchantments in mil_rare can either be Smite I or Smite I, Knockback I.
Enchantments in mil_epic can be Smite I, II or III, and can include Knockback I.
Enchantments in mil_mythic can be Smite I, II, III or IV, and can include Knockback I.
Enchantments in dungeon_out can be Smite I, II, III, IV and V, and can include Knockback I.
Diamond Sword Diamond sword.png Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png 1562 10934 Obtained by killing a Giant.
Stone Axe Stone axe.png Heart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png 132 330** If you hit zombies with this while sneaking, you will also hit other zombies around it and knock them back. Found in mil_uncommon chests and Tool chests.
Iron Axe Iron axe.png Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png 251 753** Same as Stone Axe, but with increased durability and damage. Obtained by killing a Giant
Iron Shovel Shovel.png Heart.pngHalf Heart.png 251 376 More effective than bare hands or other items.
Since this is a tool, each hit uses 2 durability.
Found in Tool chests.
Bow & Arrows Bow.pngArrow.png Varies. Max is
Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png
385 3465*** Damage dealt depends on pullback. Zombies can also be hit with a headshot for 2x damage.
Successfully hitting a zombie with an arrow will increase your visibility and attract nearby zombies.
Found in Tool chests and mil_common chests and sometimes found with an enchantment in mil_rare, mil_epic, mil_mythic and dungeon_out chests.
Enchantments in mil_rare can either be Power I or Power I, Punch I.
Enchantments in mil_epic, mil_mythic and dungeon_out chests can be Power I or II, and can include Punch I.
A giant can drop a bow with Infinity I.
Snowball Snowball.png Varies. Max is
1 2 When thrown, all zombies within a small radius immediately run to where it lands.
Found in Civilian chests.
Grenade Ender Pearl.png Varies. Max is
1 6** Damages all nearby zombies and players in the area where it lands, possibly causing immediate death.
The sound attracts zombies as far as 100m away.
There's a time delay of about 3 seconds between throws.
The explosion can remove web blocks.
Any type of armor does not protect against the explosion. 3 grenades can kill someone with full iron armor with direct hits.
Found in mil_rare, mil_epic, and mil_mythic chests.
Flash Grenade Slimeball.png EmptyHeart.png 1 0 Acts as a flash grenade. Goes off 2 seconds after hitting the ground, inflicting those in its radius with blindness 3 and nausea 3 for 10 seconds. Does no damage. You do not need to be facing it.
Obtained by killing a Zombie Pigman or Giant.
*Assuming all attacks hit direct.
**Assuming only one zombie is hit with each attack
***Assuming all are hits at full drawback, and no headshots.

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